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ABOUT Living statistics – Many of us who have been following social media since the early 90s are very sensitive to today’s exponential growth in usage of the sharing web.Inspired by other cool real time counters, Social Media Industry Head, Laurel Papworth, my own Rise & Rise of Social Media presentations and various ‘cool’ videos (you know the ones) I decided to put together this little Flash app (which is in constant development) showing how active & dynamic the Social Web, Mobile Industry and Game Business is.Provides User Account Control validation for the installation of Active X controls from the Internet and enables management of Active X control installation based on Group Policy settings.This service is started on demand and if disabled the installation of Active X controls will behave according to default browser settings.If you want to embed this on your page just click the button in the bottom left of the app to copy the code to your clipboard OR use the code/s in the boxes at the bottom of this post. Use this code as I will be regularly updating it with latest stats.

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For all system services listed in this document, the two tables that follow offer an explanation of columns and Microsoft recommendations for enabling and disabling system services in Windows Server 2016 with Desktop Experience: Microsoft recommendation/advice about disabling this service on Windows Server 2016 in a typical, well-managed enterprise deployment and where the server is not being used as an end-user desktop replacement.The design has been finessed extra functionality has been added such as week, month & year lookahead/backs plus some dynamic data input. (A combined Film, TV and advertising tab in development Apr 2010).The social web has exploded in the last year and below are some of the social media statistics based on key data points that the ‘Gary’s Social Media Count’ is based on (many will be updated! UPDATED/REARRANGED Jan 2011 – TAKING INTO ACCOUNT VARIOUS 2010 STATS Finally if you think of any more profound ‘dynamic’ stats to replace some of the above then, comment below!Supports System Event Notification Service (SENS), which provides automatic distribution of events to subscribing Component Object Model (COM) components.