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If you know of any under-18s worthy of un-divine intervention, or would like to recognise the hard toil of an under 23-year-old who’s gone the extra mile, nominate them now and SLH will see what he can do to help and support them.Julia Ann and her husband Rocco have discussed having a threesome for a long, long time now, and while having a post-dinner talk about Rocco's friend Bill, Julia's ready for the real thing.Maybe that second opinion can help the new driver with identifying the value of correct steering techniques and not Oversteering with over speed ?This one point may just save an accident from occurring ?As a young-at-heart and fun-loving Kiwi-owned business, HELL loves to see young New Zealanders doing well.So when we hear about kids having a tough time, we’ll try to make a difference wherever we can.As much as I love having my drivers license, I hate the P-plates that come along with it. So your mum or dad aren't rich or your not the next Michael Jackson pop star? So since 98% of us fall into this category I've handicapped the Fastest P Plate legal Cars under $20,000.Now you may be wondering why the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore didn't make the list and that's due to the fact that the new models XR6 and SV6 didn't fall under the $20,000 limit.

This is Claire's final lesson before her first driving test.

The examiner can almost smell this uncertainty and therefore is much more likely to place more significances on any driving faults that occur.