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Crime prevention is often attributed to decreasing victimization rates, discouraging criminals from committing deviant acts and pushing youth away from the justice system.This paper will analyze the effectiveness of crime prevention programs or the lack thereof, while applying various criminological theories that identify vulnerability.Ray Jeffery in 1971, who explored a multi-disciplinary approach to deterring criminal behaviour particularly through environmental design (Mc Cormick & Siegel, 2012).A proactive crime-fighting technique, CPTED explores a proactive design and the effective use of the built environment to control human behaviour, lead to a reduction of fear, and an improvement in the quality of life.People feel more creative, inspired and confident; equipped with the skills to be more conscious, engaged and fulfilled at work.In short, everybody will step up and shine brighter every day.The lack of social, recreational and educational opportunities entices youth to participate in criminal activity (Tullio & Vallée, 2010).Crime prevention through social development is part of a proactive policing model within its community that tries to identify and address the root causes of crime.

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Surveillance can be further analyzed into natural surveillance, such as street lighting, or formal surveillance, such as closed circuit television.