Website updating costs

For example if you have 5 Shared web sites (sites or instances), you might as well move the 5 sites to Basic pricing tier, as the overall cost of running 5 Shares sites is similar to running one small Basic Virtual Machine. With the April release of Microsoft Azure, changing a web site pricing tier has changed a bit.To change a web site pricing tier, you’ll need to change its associated Web Hosting Plan (WHP).

Use this tool to work out what childcare costs you should claim.” To make things simple, here are the main differences and properties: A quick note about Shared pricing tier: When using Shared web sites, you are being charged per site and per instances.A Shared site costs less than a Basic site, but both the Basic and Standard pricing tier offer a dedicated Virtual Machines, on which you can run as many web sites as the Virtual Machine can handle (mostly constrained by memory), and all the same price.* For all other services, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.

You need Java Script enabled to view it for pricing and turnaround times.

The Basic pricing tier includes core Azure Web Sites abilities, allowing you to run production sites at a lower cost.