Virtua elita naked

To unlock the hardcore mode type "i am 18 or older" first.Then You can enter ALL what You have on Your dirty mind.

I have tried to avoid repetitions, but there might remain some... Here you go :- ashlee / sing- pour beer / give beer / finger- maid / wipe- benny / hill- xbox / conker- gun / laser- guitar / play guitar- henderson- beerdotcom- burzynski- eat / banana / fellatio- frank- blackjack / card- jedi / star wars- chicken / choke / cluck- nipple / show breast/boobs/tits...- show breast lisa- martialart/ cat / catfight / pull / hair / fight- psycho / scare- fire / blow / light- hot- clothes / shorts- kiss the camera- kiss / tongue / lick- breast scale / size- bend over- barbie- guitar- dance- poker / strip poker- rolling- compare breast/boobs/tits... The Best Amateur Porn Community :: What Boys :: Home Toggle navigation Sign up or Log-in Memberlist Who is online?Yep, I admit it, this is a cheap a slutty way of getting people to come here from Google. So while I can't claim this to be a FULL list of commands for the new Virtual Bartender 2, it'll keep you going for a while. Brent PS - Can we get a full list of other commands you tried? Just Type In in some commands for Kayla to perform.

Check back regularly because Not all the commands have been programmed in yet.

Description: Another one pretty blond girl does some stuff after You enter some commands.