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It includes all the natural media tools, and all the basic digital editing features. It includes support for Windows 10 and 64-bit systems, but doesn’t support Windows XP.Any owners of Art Rage Lite are able to upgrade to Art Rage 4.5 with a 50% discount. Released in 2010, the i Pad app edition is available through the i Tunes App Store.If you’re using Art Rage 4.0.6 or earlier, the maximum canvas size isn’t limited, but the lack of 64 bit support means that most computers will struggle with larger sizes.8,000-10,000 is the practical upper limit for most people.It is currently up to version 1.0 and can be bought through the i Tunes App Store) The Art Rage for Android app was launched October 2014 in the Samsung GALAXY Gifts store.

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The point at which this becomes unworkable will vary, depending on what you want to do, what your painting is using, and how powerful your computer is.You can see a full overview here: Art Rage Supported Platforms & Devices Unfortunately we can’t give you a guaranteed answer to every possible device, as we may never have had a chance to use it, or the software may have changed at some point.If you’re looking at a very specific device, your best bet is probably just asking the forums and see if anyone else has used it successfully.If you’re using the latest desktop version (4.5), it has 64 bit support and can work at very large file sizes, easily up to 15,000 pixels on most computers.

It can save larger files, but is limited by your computer memory and speed, so you may have trouble working with files larger than that.

It was much more basic than the later editions, with no layers or editing tools. Released in 2009, this edition was split into two separate products: Studio and Studio Pro.

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