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Implementations that use ECMAScript to implement the APIs defined in this specification MUST implement them in a manner consistent with the ECMAScript Bindings defined in the Web IDL specification !WEBIDL-1, as this specification uses that specification and terminology.Implementation of the following interfaces is optional: ) implementation that transmits all layers within a single transport, using a single Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) stream and synchronization source (SSRC).

ORTC does not utilize Session Description Protocol (SDP) in the API, nor does it mandate support for the Offer/Answer state machine (though an application is free to choose SDP and Offer/Answer as an on-the-wire signaling mechanism).Instead, ORTC uses "sender", "receiver" and "transport" objects, which have "capabilities" describing what they are capable of doing, as well as "parameters" which define what they are configured to do."Tracks" are encoded by senders and sent over transports, then decoded by receivers while "data channels" are sent over transports directly.// Example to demonstrate use of RTCIce Candidate Complete // Include some helper functions import from 'helper'; // Create ICE gather options var gather Options = ; // Create Ice Gatherer object var ice Gatherer = new RTCIce Gatherer(gather Options); // Handle state changes ice Gatherer.onstatechange = function(event) ; // Prepare to signal local candidates ice Gatherer.onlocalcandidate = function(event) ; // Start gathering ice Gatherer.gather(); // Set up response function my Response = function(response Signaller, response) ; my Signaller.send(); // Helper functions used in all the examples (helper.js) export function trace(text) export function error Handler(error) export function my Send Local Candidate(candidate, component, kind, parameters) export function my Ice Gatherer State Change(name, state) export function my Ice Transport State Change(name, state) export function my Dtls Transport State Change(name, state) allows an application access to information about the Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) transport over which packets are sent and received.

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