Usa dating customs

Here are some key values and generalities that might help you understand Americans and their culture.These generalities are not always true, but can be a good guide to understanding.Some international students see this attitude as "selfish." You can see examples of individualism in the classroom as well.

Close friendships do develop as a result of repeated interactions and shared interest between individuals.Christianity has many different faiths, and the United States has many different religions.Macomb has many places of worship: Protestant, Catholic, Islamic, Unitarian, and many other religions and denominations."Small talk" includes topics, such as sports, weather, jobs, or past experiences. "See you later," or "See you soon," are ways of saying good-bye, not appointments. You may be the first person from your country whom they have met, and they will have very little understanding of your life.

Most people do not talk about religion, politics, or personal feelings with strangers. People do not usually talk about the personal lives of their conversation partners. Most people are sincerely interested in learning about you. Most conversations are moderate in volume with few gestures.

This emotional distance does not mean people dislike you, but personal lives are discussed only with close friends and family. Do not speak too loudly or too quietly, and keep your hands under control.