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Ever since game consoles first started seeing internal hard drives, I've been fascinated with hardware previously reserved for PCs rearing their head inside living room systems.The Play Station 2 toyed with the idea of an expansion bay that could take an HDD, even though it was near useless for 99 percent of games.The tool which I will link to below has the capability to size other drives with the right partitions, but you'll either 1) have unused wasted space on the drive or 2) risk bricking the drive in a future console update that could in some way inspect drive sizing more specifically.Best to avoid these scenarios and go with the safe path. I've used one in every PC personally and at my business for the last however many years, and they are awesome.

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While the chances of Microsoft banning a console are very slim using these instructions to replace a drive, the risk nonetheless exists.But with the advent of now knowing that any Xbox One can be upgraded to a larger drive of ANY style you wish, this opens a few interesting doors.Before you get any crazy ideas, I want to clear the water with this key piece of information.All editions of the console come with a spinning mechanical drive connected over a SATA port, in the form of a 2.5" laptop style drive.

With the exception of the rare Xbox One Elite (which had a SSHD, or Solid State Hybrid Drive) all other versions of the Xbox One come with a standard HDD -- along with their known performance limitations. Including SSHDs in every Xbox One raises the console's manufacturing costs, and choosing to go SSD (Solid State Drive) is even more of a death sentence for price points.

Add in the problem that Xbox Live Games with Gold offers 4 new free games each month, of which I usually allow these to download just to toy with them on the side.

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