Updating sky plus box

BE WARNED: This will clear your HD and thus wipe all your recorded programs!!This solution has also been known to resolve pausing and recording issues. ‘back up’ is force software update only, not reset.Let the box remain in the standby mode for about 5 minutes and then switch on the television and press Sky on the remote.The digital box light should turn green and your Sky welcome channel should appear.Will bring you full details on the update as soon as we get them.Hi all, Is anyone else experiencing problems with their Sky Q box updating?The new piece of tech comes complete with a updated 4K-ready set-top box, wireless multi-room Sky Q Mini receivers, the ability to pause and resume video on different screens across your home, and a touchpad remote.

If your Sky digital box won’t turn on or becomes unresponsive, here are some 7 troubleshooting tips that can rectify the fault: If your Sky digital box has become unresponsive to the remote control commands, turn off the mains of the digital box and the television.You can let go of the button but will need to wait for approximately 10 minutes while the software downloads.Once the software has been installed, your digital box should operate perfectly.If the box is still unresponsive after trying all these troubleshooting tips, call the Sky helpline to speak to a technical advisor.

You could also try booking an engineer visit upgrading your Sky Box.

Ours should update overnight but for the past few days it’s still updating at 9am- today I’ve sat for an hour whilst it flips between “step 1 of 2” and “step 2 of 2”.