Updating old kitchen lighting

Installing upgraded lighting is one of the easiest ways you can start improving the energy efficiency of your business.The contractors that participate in this program and the rebates we offer make it even easier.Some systems can be bent into any shape, such as an S, circle or oval.Ladouceur said one client designed the track lighting to follow the lines of their sectional sofa.Halo fixtures can only be used on Halo tracks, Juno fixtures on Juno tracks and Lightolier fixtures on Lightolier tracks.

The main difference between H, J and L is in the way the fixtures fit into the track. But if you have inexpensive track lighting from a big box store, your options may be limited.

Turn the fixture attached to the track, pop it out and pop in a replacement: spotlights, pendants or a combination of the two.

Updating old kitchen lighting comments

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