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(Actually, it gives that same error even if I don't plug in the telescope USB cable at all.) Do you mean you weren't able to download the update?It's available to registered owners with a current subscription here: The Sky X Professional Edition - Latest Update (Mac, Windows).Yes, you do need to start with the full installer, and the latest such for Mac is version 10.3.0 build 8461.As you learned, you can then use the latest update to get to version 10.5.0 build 10305 (released about one year ago), and the latest daily build to work with the latest beta-test version, build 11087 from early this month.

(FYI, I was only able to view the links in Acrobat, not in Preview.(Wanted to make sure that everything worked *first* before I did that).I was able to connect our SBIG STL-1001E camera and take pictures, no problem.(Actually, it gives that same error even if I don't plug in the telescope USB cable at all.) Similarly, I cannot connect to the focuser (Optec TCF-S).

It gives the same error as when trying to connect to the telescope.

I just bought it 10 days ago and I downloaded a fresh copy of Sky X Pro just this morning using this link: that is 3 years old, then you guys might want to update the link.

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