Updating datagrid asp net

Begin Invoke to pass each new row back to the UI thread where it is added to the Data Table that's bound to the Data Grid.This isn't really having the desired effect (it takes a little while to update the Data Grid, and then after it does one update the UI becomes unresponsive). Edit: I've added a thread.sleep to the worker thread as it loops through the datareader, which stops the UI from becomming unresponsive after the first update, but it's still not as responsive as I would like it to be (scrolling is a bit jumpy as adding a row in the ui thread seems to steal focus).I would like to refresh my list of elements after this has happened.However, as you may know the list does not refresh after I call the Data Bind().Hi all, I’m sure you have all read about this many times.

However, I would like to know if there’s a ‘proper’ way of doing this. I mean you can execute an update sql according to the changes in Data Grid before you bind it.Thanks, Do I need to change the datasource with an update sql statement?All I got for the sql statement is a select statement that shows a list of items.Check the data source after you do editing to see if it changes or not.

If not, it must be something wrong with the updating process.

The end user can then update one or more column values and click Update to save their changes. Our first demo will look at how to create an editable Grid View whose data comes from a Sql Data Source.