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You may list separate mailing and residence addresses.The DMV can also update the address on your voter registration when you change your address with us if you move within the same county.New Jersey drivers can change their address on their license either online or in person.Online To change the address on your New Jersey drivers license online, you will need to do the following: Once you have received your new license, it will be valid for four years.Note that you must go to the DMV to update the address on your title and registration; the update cannot be done online or by fax or phone.Updating your address with the DMV does not automatically change the information on your title and registration; these are separate procedures.

We've collected information to help save you time when changing the address on your drivers license in New Jersey. Application assistance services can simplify the process for many DMV related services for a fee, including: renewing your license, applying for a license, registering a vehicle, replacing your license, changing your address and more.In addition, you can call to see if your DMV allows you to make a personal appointment.Once you have moved to New Jersey, you must replace your driver license within 60 days or before your current license expires.Effective October 10, 2016, if you have a Driver License AND Identification Card, you must visit a Driver License Office to surrender one of the cards before you are eligible for online transactions. A printer to print your temporary driver license or ID, which is valid for 45 days.

If you do not have a printer, you can renew by phone: 1-866-DL-RENEW (1-866-357-3639) This online service is provided by Texas.gov, the official website of Texas.

Other benefits include an ongoing monthly newsletter and a quarterly magazine covering important updates that affect drivers, important safety tips, trends, legislative updates and ways to save money on vehicle-related services.

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