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Ku karhala – To be tired, Ndzi karhele – I am tired, U karhele – S/He is tired, Va karhele – They are tired.(iii) In many cases merely changing the last 'a' in the verb to an 'e' indicates past action.(ii) With verbs that end with -ala, in the past change to -ele or -ale.

The third and most accepted is that it is another pronunciation for "Rhonga", the root for the word "vurhonga" for east or the direction where the sun rises. Rhonga (commonly and wrongly spelt as Ronga) is one of the Tsonga languages.The second theory is that it comes from the name of an ancestor of the Chopi and Tembe groups, "Mutonga".The other Zulu explanation for the alternative spelling of "Thonga" is that the Tembe and Rhonga people, who were the first to arrive at the Delagoa Bay and around the Natal Bay, transitioned the Rhonga "Rh" into the Zulu form of "Th".The Xitsonga language was studied in great detail by the Swiss Missionary, Henri-Alexandre Junod between the year 18, who made the conclusion that the Xitsonga language (which he called the "Thonga language" at the time) began to develop in Mozambique even before the 1400s.

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