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The EU allergens regulations came into force in December and require caterers and restaurant owners to conduct a comprehensive audit of every ingredient present within their dishes, which must then be displayed on menus and packaging.

From a simple tease, to gossips, up to personal verbal abuse, bullying has become the culprit that affects an individual’s personhood.Instead they will have to label any food clearly with a precise breakdown of the allergens they contain.Where it is not obvious from the ingredient the name of the allergen will be stated next to it.It was said she moulded yellow mud into a figure like her, which was then alive and became the first human being.

Nüwa is also known for mending the sky with five-coloured stones. Nezha 哪吒 Nezha is a great teen deity in Chinese mythology.

Among all the Buddhist bodhisattvas, Guanyin is the most well-known one in China and liked by both young and old people. Jade Emperor 玉皇大帝 Jade Emperor (or Yuhuang Dadi in mandarin Chinese) is considered the highest deity ruling the universe in Chinese world.