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We will continue our work to support more .ymt/files in the future releases.We also have made numerous changes and improvements to both models (YDR/ODR) and collisions (YBN/OBN) open Formats for Grand Theft Auto V.Instead of one Open IV 2.9.1 release, we are going to have several 2.9. Unfortunately, this also means our Liberty City in GTA V modification also behind the schedule, but we still hope to release first beta around late spring. Open IV now have brand new inbuilt Text Editor, which allows you to edit XML, META and other text files directly in Open IV without exporting them from archives.

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You can find the localization guide here on Git Hub.We will continue to our work on text editor improvements and new features, please report any issues or suggestions you have.For Grand Theft Auto V we have long awaited editing capabilities for map files, such as .ymap, and _After unpacking you find instructions for Qlandkarte / Linux use in a file (informations... For General Use - Basecamp is much better than Mapsource by now - The only thing were Mapsource is better is selecting parts of maps to send. Mapsource versions 6.14 to 6.15.6 are complete junk.

Also note that Mapsource versions prior to 6.16.1 do not show all ways and pathes so they are not really usable.

With those changes you will have more features in models and collision editing.

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