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The book is a guide for the desktop business owners and managers of marketing departments of large companies. For the entrepreneur are essential knowledge to run their business and in the mobile world.This book is just the necessary knowledge in a compact and easy-to-read format»MOBILE NETWORKINGThe book «Mobile Networking: how business relationships are born» Connections are everything. Communicating with successful people on an equal footing?The ability to communicate openly helps you to build a network of useful contacts. His experience includes projects with Augmented Reality, Creative, Markting and Mobile Design. Among his accomplishments, there are speeches at the TEDx conference, Russian Internet Forum (RIF), Innovation Convent (Skolkovo), Startup Weekend, a series of lectures on a mobile design within the British Higher School of Art and Design.He participated in numerous conferences devoted to the Internet and mobile technologies.»Vladimir Dolgov, CEO, Google Russia«I teach people to enjoy life and get their maximum out of it. My task is to show how you can use smart phones, newer communication technologies in order to obtain three components of a successful life: freedom, mobility and brightness.I transited from being a hired employee to a business owner.

Leonid shared the stage with such distinguished experts as Keith Ferrazzi, Radislav Gandapas, Radmilo Lukich, Igor Mann, and Constantine Baksht.

The students of the British Higher School of Art and Design.