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Jon is a nationally-known coastal scientist with expertise in oceanography and estuarine sciences. in oceanography and master’s in marine studies from the University of Delaware and a bachelor’s in biology from Earlham College. The County has a robust coastal management program dating back to 1965.His research has focused on understanding human impacts on coastal marine food webs. A Sense of Place: Broward County Beaches Nicole Sharp Broward County/Natural Resources Administrator Co-Authors: Christopher G. Broward County’s shoreline is regularly maintained though periodic renourishment and benefits from existing and planned inlet sand bypassing.Some named storm events are noted and these control all deeper flood depths of record.But in recent years numerous “non-event” floods have occurred.Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact Samantha Danchuk Assistant Director of the Environmental Planning & Community Resilience Division, Broward County Presenter Bio: Dr.Samantha Danchuk is the Assistant Director of the Environmental Planning & Community Resilience Division of Broward County where she is responsible for implementation of the County’s priority actions pertaining to energy, climate action, sustainability, and urban lands enhancement. Danchuk has provided technical support for the Compact’s Resilient Redesign Workshops and Sea Level Rise Working Group, the Climate Change Task Force and Government Operation Climate Change Working Group.Nesting success at the study sites were also comparable to the larger area, suggesting that neither the groin field at OI nor the adjacent nourishment project at SB were adversely impacting nesting as compared to other potential influences.For the 2016 nesting season, both sites were found to be medium density nesting beaches.

Additionally, the County has put forth a considerable investment into implementing sand bypassing at Port Everglades in order to serve as a supplemental local and sustainable source of sand for southern County beaches. She received her Master’s degree in coastal and oceanographic engineering from University of Florida.

A storm drain on the road with an inlet elevation of 1.98 ft NAVD88 (1.32 ft above MHHW) allows tidal waters to backflow into the road.

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