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Pay attention to how the landscape changes each season.Note the species of plants or animals that you see at particular times of the year.

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A journal allows you to record observations, craft drawings of trees, plants, animals and other features you may see, as well as capture the sounds in your landscape.(Jacquelyn Gill) Orient yourself to the landscape by walking and looking.Take along a local map to help identify the region’s boundary lines, transportation corridors, sources of water and other prominently displayed features. Are any of the attributes on your local map noticeable from where you are standing?(Cathy De Shano) Take note of the types of land use in your landscape, such as crops, pastures, lawns, parking lots, and so on.

One or two land uses may be dominant, or the landscape may be more like a patchwork.

We've added a few tips at the bottom that apply especially to landscapes in quite different parts of the United States and beyond.

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