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Her favorites being two little girls named Wylda and Romy Johnson, daughters to the indie actor Aaron Johnson.Kendall didn't think much would come of her waitressing and the Johnsons when they first showed up in the diner two months ago but after two weeks of the morning ritual, the girls and Kendall had fallen into a bond."Go on, Kendall," Joseph teased as Kendall wiped down the counters, the radio playing softly in the background.The petite brunette shook her head with an amused smile."Too early, Joe," she replied wagging a finger."You don't get a musical until your second cup of coffee," she teased holding up two fingers.She wiped the back of her wrist over her forehead when the door opened and her favorite famous family walked in.She figured Aaron preferred their diner as opposed to one of the major chains because not only were the regular customers very kind and respectful, but the paparazzi had yet to find them so the family were able to enjoy their breakfast in peace.

Kendall grabbed the booster seat for Romy and put it on the other side of Wylda by the wall before she smiled warmly at Aaron who was smiling kindly back at her, his beard was gone and she tilted her head."All your hair is gone," she teased gesturing around her face and Romy giggled as she whined,"It was itchy." Aaron looked at his youngest daughter and nodded to her as he looked back at Kendall,"The girls complained so now the women complain," he joked and Kendall pursed her lips in understanding as she bobbed her head sympathetically."I don't think they complain that much cuz I feel like your face- this whole situation," she gestured to his broad chest and strong arms, "totally makes up for any lack of facial hair." Romy climbed out of her father's arms while Wylda slid into her seat and Aaron arched a brow at the waitress.

Chapter one is a little sloppy but I hope you enjoyed it.

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