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It's somewhat active but not strenuous; you can razz one another but also chat and get to know each other in between rounds.And if one person takes winning or losing a little too seriously, that tells you more about their ego than hours of get-to-know-you conversation. When Arie decides to allow both teams to hang with him after the game, Krystal flips out - and it sets in motion a ball of drama that only spins faster down the lane as the episode progresses.Start your planning early in the game so you can make the appropriate reservations or purchases. A well-planned date can make a great impression on someone you’ve just met.You’ll also want to set a time in advance so you’re both on the same page. Think about The Tone The tone of your date can affect a lot of your planning.The best moment: The group bowling date The faux-drama gets rolling at the group bowling date.

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The location and activities for your date will be based on this tone.A playful date can start and end in the same place, like a bar or restaurant that has food and activities.A romantic date can start with a candlelit dinner and can end with some stargazing. Communicate with Your Date After you’ve made the plans, communicate them to your date, unless you are planning a complete surprise.As a result, she has her second meltdown of the season.

During the bowling group date, Krystal's team crushes the other one, and as she's gloating about her victory, Arie announces that the winners and the losers will come to the party. He didn't consult us, he didn't take us into consideration," she seethes. He indulges her bid for attention by going upstairs as Krystal is exceedingly pleased to have some one-on-one time.

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    Jan 30, 2018. The competition is heating up, meaning "The Bachelor" cast is almost small enough to remember everyone's names. The crew is in Ft. Lauderdale this week, where Arie has one-on-one dates with Chelsea and Tia, and a group bowling date sets off drama-about-nothing from Krystal. The best moment The.…