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A similar petition was filed last month by the Family Love Alliance, an Indonesian conservative group, to revise the criminal code.However, the Constitutional Court voted against the petition to criminalize gay sex, albeit by a narrow margin.Here, you will find pay and free asia porn websites.The free ones deliver you tons of XXX content but it is not exclusive.The parliamentary committee has been busy consulting religious scholars, legal experts, advocacy groups and the public to gather information on the best way to revise the criminal code.The majority of political parties — in fear of losing the votes of the many conservative voters — claim that extramarital sex, particularly gay sex, should be outlawed.The draft aims to ban extramarital sex, same-gender relations and cohabitation, all of which were not previously criminalized at a national level, Channel News Asia reported.

According to a recent survey, 90 percent of Indonesians claim to be threatened by the LGBT community because Islam prohibits same-gender relations.

"The truth is the majority of religions in Indonesia hold the same values, so…