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At the Bellefonte Nuclear Power Station in Hollywood, he worked almost 520 feet off the ground.Martin was a Democrat for most of his life, until 1980.“The only reason Roy went there was because Toni wanted to meet up with her friends and her mother didn’t want her to go there alone, so she sent Roy along to make sure Toni was alright.” Martin had come to the First Baptist Church of Gallant for Sunday services.Usually, Roy Moore is there, too, which is why the parking lot was full of camera crews and strangers with notepads on this particular Sunday.Above the media, black turkey vultures circled, which struck me as somewhat redundant. In fact, on this, the final weekend of Alabama’s special election for the seat in the United States Senate vacated by Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, Moore was preposterously hard to find.His opponent, Democratic former prosecutor Doug Jones, has been all over the state.

He is substantially outspending Moore but, with all the energy he’s been putting into the effort, Jones has been campaigning against a ghost, and he currently trails the ghost by an eyelash. “Alabama politics should be left up to Alabama people.Everybody at church on Sunday knows everybody else, and they all know Roy Moore. I pray for all the politicians, and all the law enforcement people, too.On Tuesday, Pastor Tom Brown is going to drive a busload of them from the church to Moore’s election night soiree in Montgomery. I pray for his family and for the families of those women, too.Never one merely to observe confusion when he can leap in and transform it into utter chaos, the president* belatedly came to Moore’s aid.