Sex chat online avenues

In Dallas, researchers interviewed 15 pimps, seven child pornographers and six sex workers.They also spoke with officials from the Dallas Police Department, Dallas FBI, Homeland Security and IRS.

Forty-nine percent of pimps reported using the Internet to attract business.Online classifieds, social media, discussion boards, chat rooms, dating websites and custom web pages were all cited as prime marketing tools.The survey highlighted several avenues to combat the commercial sex industry, including increased intelligence sharing across law enforcement units, public awareness campaigns, and greater political will in the form of funding for mental health services and dedicated police units.In addition to Dallas, the survey examined the underground sex economies in Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Seattle, San Diego and Washington D. Atlanta's underground sex trade brought in the most money at $290 million; Denver brought in the least, with about $40 million.

The survey created "scientifically rigorous estimates" for prostitution in 20.

Dallas pimps earn about $12,000 a week in cash, compared to more than $32,000 a week in Atlanta, but the survey revealed that pimps aren't the only ones profiting off prostitutes.