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Your job throughout Saints Row the Third is to take over this new city and crush the competition.After an intro mission sets up your exit from Stilwater you'll get the chance to customize your character.Customization plays a big part in the entire game, from your body to your dress to your vehicles.I love that, at a glance, no two players' games will look alike -- one will star a voluptuous vixen in a cocktail dress while the next may feature a blue sumo wrestler with cat eyes that speaks in zombie gibberish.But the character that matters most, character, really won me over.I played as a lady (well, a female -- she's definitely not a lady), and despite the fact that she's an amoral mass murderer, I believed she cared about her friends.Respect works like experience points, unlocking new abilities such as "infinite sprint" and "no fall damage." Everything from near collisions while driving to running down the street naked earns you respect, which is fantastic game design -- we're constantly rewarded for simply playing the game.I was addicted to maximizing my hourly income and planning my character upgrades.

To say that Saints Row: The Third is a good time would be a severe understatement.

Saints Row the Third takes you out of Stilwater, the setting for the first two games, and drops you into the new city of Steelport.