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Since coming to prominence early last year, Farrow has been linked with everyone from fashion designer Tory Burch to Selena Gomez, but a friend of his told Johnson that his interests go beyond women. “He’s been with guys, but he’s also been with girls.He’s open about both.” Farrow is reportedly close to Jon Lovett, the out former speech writer for President Obama.The way you walk, the way you talk I blame you 'cause it's all your fault You're playin' hard, don't turn me off You actin' hard, but I know you soft You my fetish, I'm so with it All these rumors bein' spreaded Might as well go 'head and whip it'Cause they sayin' we already did it Call on Gucci if you ever need me I'll be South Beach in the drop top gleamin'Water diamonds, Aquafina Just need you in a blue bikini You got a fetish for my love I push you out and you come right back Don't see a point in blaming you If I were you, I'd do me too You got a fetish for my love I push you out and you come right back Don't see a point in blaming you If I were you, I'd do me too You got a fetish for my love Certain fans are uncomfortable with Selena's decision to work with Allen.Since 1993 Allen's daughter Dylan Farrow, his son Ronan Farrow, his ex girlfriend Mia Farrow and others have come forward with claims that Allen sexually assaulted Dylan.MSNBC is, of course, home to prominent gays Rachel Maddow, Thomas Roberts, and Steve Kornacki, and Farrow would seem to be a good fit for their brand of wonky political journalism shows.Though another friend maintained that Farrow “doesn’t want to be labeled as gay or straight or bisexual,” an openly bi male media personality would certainly be something different on the airwaves, even on MSNBC.

And fans and critics of Selena haven't shied away from expressing their disappointment.(Page Six said Allen's reps didn't respond to requests for comment.) But, whether Allen does or not, it won't stop others from talking.that she is expecting a baby girl in the fall and that she's four months pregnant.In 1979's Larry David plays a middle-aged man who marries a younger woman, played by Evan Rachel Wood who was 22 at the time, 40 years younger than David.

While these were movies, in 1992, Allen made headlines for his relationship with his then-girlfriend, now-wife Soon-Yi Previn, who was Mia Farrow's adopted daughter.

Having just executive produced the popular TV series 13 Reasons Why, which explicitly tackles issues such as sexual assualt, teen suicide and depression, fans of the star are intrigued to hear what Selena has to say about taking on the commitment.

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    Mia Farrow and Woody Allen photos. On December 19, 1987, Mia gave birth to Satchel O'Sullivan Farrow, now known as Ronan Seamus Farrow. Selena Gomez. 1…
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    MIA Farrow and Woody Allen's son can't be categorised as to his sexual orientation with friends saying "he dates guys and girls".…