Scotland dating and marriage

Auspicious days may also be chosen for the dates of betrothals.Dates for a particular couple's wedding may often be determined with the help of a traditional fortune-teller.They favor the autumn as the lucky season to get married; it allows the bride to participate in the augmentation of the abundant crops by blessing them with her baraka, wedding blessing.The lucky days of the week for Moroccan culture are Thursday and Sunday only; all other days are unlucky.

A 1678 almanac summarizes the prohibited dates for marriage as such: “Marriage comes in on the 13th day of January, and at Septuagesima Sunday it is out again until Low Sunday, at which time it comes in again, and goes not out until Rogation Sunday ; from whence it is unforbidden till Advent Sunday, but then it goes out, and comes not in again till the 13th January next following.” Like nearly all of the other cultures, Scottish culture considers May an unlucky month.

Some modern sources also apply numerological analysis to the date as given by the Gregorian calendar.