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Timberlake also worked his multihyphentate butt off: Single-handedly taking charge of a pretty amusing Elton John-at-Hugo-Chavez’s-funeral cold open (whereas most hosts don’t appear till the opening monologue); riffing during said monologue with A-listers including Steve Martin, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd and Candice Bergen; and even pulling double duty as musical guest. And the good news is, the hard work paid off: Sure, the episode had a few serious clunkers, but the laughter-to-groans ratio was more than acceptable (and even brought us the return of Martin and Aykroyd’s Festrunk Brothers, and Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s “Dick in a Box” singers, all in one skit). BEST: Moet & Chandon Ad Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong brought back what could be a one-joke concept — former porn stars doing ad testimonials to score free product — and once again elevated it to pure hilarity with their slurry line readings and increasingly absurdist details.

The host borrowed a getup from Liberace‘s closet to play Elton John, who had flown all the way to Venezuela to fete the fallen leader because “eh, a gig is a gig.” His modified take on “Candle in the Wind” was more clever than laugh-out-loud funny, though it’s pretty incredible to know that every insane fact about Chavez that made it into the song is true.It was the musician-actor’s fifth time hosting, which gave him access to the exclusive “five-timer's club.” Timberlake was ushered off the stage and into the inner sanctum, where he encountered a slew of ' Sketches Made Into Movies Paul Simon greeted Timberlake, as did a pipe-smoking Steve Martin, who was a tad suspicious of the club’s new member, scoffing when he learned Timberlake couldn't play the banjo. The comedian then belittled Dan Aykroyd, who as a mere one-time host, was reduced to bartending for the clubmembers.Martin Short (also not a member of the club) was forced to work as a mistreated waiter.Maine Justice I'm not the biggest fan of Maine Justice, but this new installment is winning me over a little with Kate Mc Kinnon's wonderful performance, the involvement of the charismatic Timberlake, and Andy Samberg playing the straight guy, which is always fun.

Maine Justice is always absurd, but it boxes itself in with this really obnoxious premise. But Fred Armisen's Eugene Levy impression is something I wouldn't mind seeing again soon.

Opening Monologue Gosh, you guys, I can hardly believe this is the Justin Timberlake that was in N*Sync and dated Britney Spears. (I'll give you a moment to dry your eyes.) For his opening, Timberlake is welcomed to the five-timers club by Paul Simon (holy crap), a too-smooth Steve Martin, and Dan Aykroyd -- the latter of which is an original cast member but only hosted once, so he's relegated to tending bar. Chevy Chase also stops by, seemingly slightly more awake than he is on the set of ' Community,' and Martin Short pops in with some hors d'ouevres, at which point Timberlake realizes he's standing next to ' The Three Amigos.' Short is delightfully game to ham it up, and then -- and then!