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S6000 The front panel of the S6000 features a removable, full-function remote control panel allowing operation from a convenient location within a 30 meter range.Samples can be recorded into RAM or directly to hard disk.S5000 Rear The Akai S5000 and S6000 offer a wide variety of storage options, including the ability to replace the standard 3.5" floppy drive with an optional, internal Zip(TM) drive.The S6000 also offers an expansion slot on the front panel for an additional 3.5" drive.Since then, Akai has maintained a loyal base of users and secured a strong reputation in the worldwide community of sound manglers and beatheads-all without any major product introductions. BASICSAlthough the cosmetics of the units are slightly different, the S5000 and S6000 are essentially identical in function.

Sie können den Namen eines Tages eingeben, um die Reihenfolge der Anzeige zum Format Uhrzeit Tag Monat Jahr zu ändern.end-day (Endtag): Geben Sie die Zahl des Kalendertages ein. Sie können den Namen eines Monats eingeben, um die Reihenfolge der Anzeige zum Format Uhrzeit Tag Monat Jahr zu ändern. Three user-definable keys let you jump to frequently used screens.(The S5000 does not provide these user keys.) A very welcome PS2 keyboard input lets you name things with a QWERTY keyboard.(On the S5000, these keys are located to the left of the display.)The function keys correspond to labeled buttons on the screen and provide an excellent alternative to wading through various screen menus.

You're generally only two or three keystrokes away from any parameter on the machine, so getting lost or distracted is not an issue.

Die Daten der Softwareuhr gehen bei einem Neustart verloren.

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    Date & Time Setting. Sets the date and time again. MENU Settings Clock Settings Date & Time Setting desired setting. Set the numeric value and desired setting with / / / on the control button. OK.…
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    Nov 1, 1999. So early last year, when the company announced the S5000 and S6000, with a new operating system 1.21 and a larger graphic interface, people stood up and took notice. The first units were delivered in fall 1998, and several months later some irritating early OS issues were resolved. Now the new.…
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    S5000. The Akai S5000 and S6000 feature DOS FAT32 disk format and files as the native sample format. Stereo WAV files are treated as a single sample instead of two mono L/R samples allowing easier sample editing and program creation. Any standard PC WAV file can be loaded directly for instant playback.…
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    The company declares based on product specification or test results based obtained from sample testing, that the product conforms to the statements given in this declaration. Type of product *. Tablet PC. Commercial name *. Lenovo S5000-H. Model number *. M/T 60040; Z0AD. Issue date *. 2013-9-1. Intended market *.…