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But I want to be careful to make two things clear at the outset: The first is that I don't know a thing about the specific issues with which Mr. Any psychotherapist worth his or her salt should cringe at so-called "experts" who, without any direct contact with the "patient," seek to analyze the real Anthony Weiner in the media.The second caveat is that understanding sexual behavior is not the same as condoning it.In closed state, it presents as longitudinal slit running in anterio-posterior direction.The transition to the rectum is marked by the curled anorectal junction or dentate line to the side of the lumen.Others are more impressed with how his behavior reflects the overarching pathology of the male ego, especially those of politicians and public figures. Some people, however, are genuinely curious about the deeper psychological reasons that a successful man like Weiner who is married to a beautiful dynamo of a woman would risk his career to compulsively engage in the most superficial erotic repartee with women he doesn't know and with whom he would never consider having a real relationship.

For arousal to occur, those beliefs and feelings have to be momentarily negated or diminished.It ends at the anocutaneous linem which also represents the caudal delimitation of the anal canal.On its dorsal side, the anus is connected to the coccyx via the anococcygeal ligament.The terminal section of the intestines modeled by the sphincter muscles is called anal canal.

It is around 2-4 cm long, is framed by the pelvic floor and therefore has no peritoneal cover.

This formula is not obvious because its logic is unconscious.