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And my guess is, as free as he is with nudity and sex scenes, he's in touch with his sexuality.Andrew is desperate for film stardom and seems like the kind who is not in touch with his sexuality.Garfield should come out but he can't, for all the reasons Spacey, Travolta, and others have done once they've lied. It could be that Garfield is so self-loathing his "I'm gay in everything but the sex" is honest – that he's terrified of having sex with a guy for some reason.

Andrew Garfield is not as talented as Ben Whishaw but Ben is a successful working actor, even sexier and more free now that he's out and more successful, even if he has yet to snag an Oscar nom like Andrew.Tom Hiddleston when he is finished with Marvel in order to get back at Taylor Swift for all the ridicule he had to endure because of their "relationship" and to out her as a professional beard and as an last, sad attempt to save what's left of his carreer. First of all, every actor has not lied and said "I am not gay" and then come out. So please go back and read my message carefully before you say you can't understand it.Many have bearded, been silent, etc., but it's few who have expressly lied and then come out. The Advocate came up with a short list and even some on the list (like Colton Haynes) never actually said "I'm not gay". For example, with Spacey, he did not freely come out and still has not explained away his lie.And yet, straight actors have no problem getting hired for gay roles and posters get attacked all the time even here on DL for pointing that out. At any rate, the clearly not-straight Garfield won’t be coming out this year.

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    Ooo, the rumors are true. MSNBC character and PR firm owner Dan Abrams is dating permasquint actress Renee Zellweger. There's photographic evidence!…