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This website possesses NO DATABASE be proper of guitars compelled by virtue of lines, or wide-eyed serial edict laws go off are empty likely this stop additional in the wider guitar persons are used.This invention had a major impact in the look and sound of guitar/mandolin manufacture because up until this time, the tops of guitars had only a large sound-hole.Gibson's influences on stringed instruments began at the end of the 19th century with the founder, Orville Gibson.Orville's concept, A and F style This site will take you through several instruments and collectibles from the early 1900's to the prewar time, namely 1943 (even though WWII began in 1939 and the U. Government rationing of wood, metal, etc., along with converting almost all of the Gibson factory to a wartime producer of airplane skids and sub-machine gun parts, forced Gibson to temporarily lose focus on their instruments.

If wartime was not enough, in May 1944 Gibson was acquired by Chicago Musical Instrument Co., changing the name to Gibson Co.

This site will continually be updated over the next few years.

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