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Our incomes are not hugely disparate, both being in the teaching industry; and although we are both under-employed at the moment, we have similar ideas about how to manage money. Interesting, too, that our initial bond was over a surface interest: similar taste in music, art and authors.We agree on spiritual parenthood over biological children. I’d so often used that as the initial barometer by which I chose who to date, and long story short, it often didn’t work out. Absolutely, relationships where there are vast differences can work.

It emerged that all pairings held similar life views even if they had only just met.We both live, as a friend so beautifully put it, “in the world of ideas,” and love living there!Teaching is our chosen profession, and we have similar education levels."People are more similar than chance on almost everything we measure, and they are especially similar on the things that matter most to them personally," added Prof Bahns.