Nfs export list not updating

Now imagine that instead of mapping incoming client root requests to the anonymous user or group, you want ALL incoming NFS requests to be mapped to the anonomous user or the anonymous group.To accomplish that you use the options to make directories accessible as if the incoming request was from that user or that group.There are many mount options that can be used, and those are listed in this article.If you've worked with NFS, you know it's not that simple.Then you'll check whether these daemons are running.

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Besides these and a few other NFS specific options, there are filesystem independent options such as async/sync/dirsync, atime/noatime, auto/noauto, defaults,dev/nodev, exec/noexec, _netdev, remount, ro, rw, suid/nosuid, user/nouser.

Here's how you restart the two daemons: You'll see messages on the screen indicating if the startups were successful. You don't need to restart these daemons every time.