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"But I suppose that I could try to eat with some manners. S., and I bet that it will be a genocide.""Who says I'm going away next year? Naruto stared at her with a normal face, interrupting his homework. Myself, I know exactly what I like about you." She 'Hmphed'."And what… Then he pulled out of nowhere an handkerchief and wiped his mouth clean. "You're stupid, loud, obnoxious and a pervert.""Sorry if I get you so confused, Hermione. You're smart, dedicate, hard-working, sweet, pretty, and your squeals are so cute…" Bonk. And in the meanwhile, the dark-skinned woman just kept on eating ramen, only at a much slower pace, now."Mhhh! His stomach was full, his gama-chan was empty and his temper was rising. " Mr Weasley stopped, because Harry had suddenly interrupted him and because he wasn't familiar with the expression 'Hold it'. ""Can you fight without a wand, move so fast that you only see a blur and… I can't believe this…""I don't think I would have ever seen the day someone out-ate Naruto." Indeed he had been. He was on the ground unable to move and foaming at the mouth, both for the amount of food he had eaten and for the thought of how much he would have to pay for the ramen he and Yoruichi had eaten. ""Gaaaak…"To say that in the month Yoruichi had become Naruto's new neighbour the blonde's life had slightly changed was an euphemism.--"My poor stomach…" Naruto was shoving digestive directly in his throat. And to tell you the truth, the definition bodyguard isn't really fitting. There have been other cases of people like him acting as a mage's partner, acting…""Holditholditholdit! He was too focused on mentally cursing Yoruichi."'You should drop orange! Mostly black clothes."I-I JUST WANTED AN IMAGE CHANGE! You should have realized by now that charging blindly in isn't good for anything…""S-SHUT UP! Didn't they teach you to respect people trying to give you help? He was so focused on scrubbing them that he didn't give much thought to the fact that a cat was bathing with him. It was because he had opened his cabinet and found that he had replaced most of his wardrobe. This gave Naruto some power to get back up while trying to forget the pain of his broken-but-already-healing nose. " Yoruichi rolled her eyes, moved to the side, made him trip and took a hold of his right arm, twisting it."Are you that much of an idiot? And the mud in his hair just didn't want to go away. Was distracted…""And the reason you were distracted was how much you love my eyes at night and how I have combed my hair for this evening." Her tongue licked him in a straight line from his navel to his neck, making him shiver even more. He slowly surrendered, like she said, and circled her waist with his arms and started straddling it trough her kimono while kissing her back. Maybe the new teacher of defence against the dark arts?

It's physically impossible for a human to move that fast." Naruto blinked. Ron and Harry then burst out laughing and Hermione blushed even redder than Ron's hair."Y-Y-YOU'RE A PERVERT! ""My parents didn't have the power to reach me from the grave when I was young, and no one cared enough to do that. No." Saying this he took a hold of a bowl of sausages while Hermione turned her head to him with such a fast move that she almost hurt herself. He thought that sometimes he was more of an idiot than Ron... " Hermione rolled her eyes and huffed, but nodded nonetheless."He probably is… How the hell am I supposed to do my work like this?! " Hermione was sure she was about to get an headache. First thing, how the hell was he supposed to protect Harry when he himself had suddenly decided to put himself up for a competition that could very likely kill him in front of a large crowd? They could send me some backup, but I'm not going back home anytime soon.""You're not…" Hermione instinctively brought a hand to her mouth. "Is there anything in the world able to make you sad, Naruto? Or when girls don't appreciate my manliness and my innuendo jokes." Blush. He almost got chomped, swallowed, chewed, eaten by a freaking dragon! His neighbours usually didn't have pets because they feared the 'little demon could command them to bite their necks in their sleep'.

" Naruto didn't remember ever seeing around black cats like that one. There were packs in front of the apartment to his right.

"SHE THINKS SHE CAN PATRONIZE ME JUST BECAUSE SHE'S LIKE 100 TIMES STRONGER THAN ME! And he suddenly slumped down and hit the floor with his forehead. "Naruto was currently going trough the hard predicament of swallowing his pride in favour of his hormones and the open-in-a-couple-of-convenient-places-kimono-clad black skinned goddess in front of her who was currently pinning him to his own couch."Hmmm… Just wanted some company for the festival…" His kimono was becoming incredibly tight. ""Knowing why you act like a cat and can transform in a cat? '" Ron outright laughed at Harry's joke, but Hermione admonished him with a glare. The head of the Weasley family sighed."Well, that will not be a worry.