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But the New Republic’s always smart Nate Cohn notes that the PPP poll that showed Colbert-Busch up by 9 drew from an unreliable model of the district’s electorate, in which African-American turnout was as high as it was in the 2012 presidential election.That’s unlikely in an off-year special election, though not impossible.The billboards feature an image of philanderer Mark Sanford and the message, “Next time use . The extramarital “dating” site has featured ads with President Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, London Mayor Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, and the King of Spain.Biderman sees moments like this as ones that normalize infidelity.Still, Colbert-Busch was always the underdog – maybe even when she was nominally ahead.If Sanford wins, he'll get credit for running a "creative" campaign using a cardboard Nancy Pelosi as a stand-in for Colbert-Busch and debating her on street corners.

So he recently — right after the Boston bombings — took out a full page ad in a Charleston newspaper to complain about his bad week. Because Mark Sanford knows all about being a good father — he abandoned his wife and kids.

“The vast majority of [Ashley Madison’s] users are looking for something much more temporary to supplement their marriages,” he said.

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