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Private Memo to Hollywood Rapists, Assaulters, Harassers and Slime Bucket Power Brokers, Just a quick question: In what universe is whipping it out and masturbating in front of guests, employees and other strangers a great conversation starter? And in what land is rape called a date, and assault part of the job perks?

Her new memoir, is purely my story and I want it to inspire everyone who reads it to find their own true story. I am telling my story from my youthful perspective in order to allow kids to see they are not alone. I’ll never forget walking through Greenwich Village jumping into shots and then having hour-long lunches in outdoor cafes. A softer cynicism would note that artistic communities develop habits that affect the life and work of individual artists.Hollywood has long given film artists permission to live and make in ways that are desirable for creatures made in the image of God. now says he feels terrible that he learned his lesson too late in life. How to use the word “d--k” when writing an apology for showing HIS to shocked women over whom he held power? K.’s new repulsively titled, now-cancelled movie, “I Love You Daddy,” allegedly about infamous, accused pedophile Woody Allen, is supposedly full of “funny” sexual harassment scenes. Clue: Showing the worst of humanity isn’t always art. Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah take shots at Louis C. We now have to stop accepting your violent perversions — both on the screen, and most especially in real life. He just told the crowd of 13,000 gathered to hear his weekly teachings outside St.

His upcoming NYC-and-pedophile-based movie, “A Rainy Day In New York,” features an adult man in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl. Your rape fantasies are not fun or funny on-screen and they are tragic — and often criminal — in real life.

Polanski gave her a Quaalude and told her to remove her clothes to join him in Nicholson’s jacuzzi. In 1979, he pled guilty to statutory rape, but fled to France before sentencing.