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I’m a very fair boss, but people know what I expect.

I’m usually in my design studio until 3pm, then in my office for meetings. My daughter Natasha has her studio here [for her food company] so we have lunch together, and every day I’ll have Honestly Healthy Fridge Fill [Natasha’s food delivery service], with quinoa salads, rice fritters or quinoa burgers.My desk was always extremely tidy because it had nothing on it! At my age, my eyesight is pretty bad, so in the Lords someone gets hold of a big typewriter and types them up for me.I’m not interested in email and I don’t own a computer. I still get terribly nervous before I speak in the Lords. I ask other female Lords in the Earl Marshal room, which is solely for women peers, if they will listen to me so I can have a rehearsal.She lives with her boyfriend John Gardiner, 50, a retired businessman. When I discovered taupe it was a true love affair – probably the longest love affair I’ve ever had! There’s even a personalised ‘taupe’ number plate on my desk, which is going on our new van.

I’m very organised and my papers are usually lined up.

There’s always a pair of nice shoes under my desk too, as I walk to work in trainers.