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In this episode, host Tom Green brings Matthew Broussard & Jared Moskowitz to the stage. Tom Green introduces the final 2 comedians of the season, Miles K & Travis Howze. They address the pitfalls of dating, from small figurines and seriel killer looks to lies in online profiles. Together these two tackle Netflix recommendations and "Don't Ask Don't Tell". It was an ordinary day at home in Pennington for 15-year-old Liz Miele, that is, until George Carlin called.Determined to become a stand up comic before she was even in high school, Miele heeded a piece of advice from her dad and reached out to people doing what she wanted to do. Most didn’t reply, a few sent headshots, but Judd Apatow and Carlin took the time to respond.“He wasn’t just nice to me, the story of his niceness is vast, and so many people have stories about how gracious he was with his time and knowledge,” she said.

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From the absurd cost of weddings, to life changing marketing ideas, they kick the season off right! Microphone visits the podcast, "Your Mom's House".It was one of the few times all four of her siblings were out and she had the house to herself, and she joked that it felt like she was actually just losing her mind afterwards.“It was pretty surreal, and I called everybody I’ve ever met after I got off the phone,” she said.Apatow sent her an email and told her to get a writing degree, and Carlin called Miele to offer his own advice and discuss the best ways to write jokes.

Miele, now 30, said the experience was like a dream.

“I’d be sitting in the seat a little further back, and I’d just be amazed that she got all these people to go up to New York City so she could get up on stage,” he said.