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I stayed away for 3 days and then one of my friends who kept nagging at me finally got me to come back.She said, dont do anymore rp, just dj and have fun with your friends and forget about him.He tried to convince me to give him my account and let him take care of it until I decide to come back but in the end I really did disable it.

wireless network validating identity firewalled

I was tired of being angry and paranoid and hopeful and sad all wrapped in one. Before I fell in love with him I was the type of person who thought imvu relationships were silly and that I woud never fall in love on imvu.I didnt' want to pretend I was ok and live this fake life anymore.The truth is I had fallen in love with this guy who I would never have irl (he was from another country).This is a long story, but I will try to give the short version.

I was in an rp imvu relationship (biker rp) for a few months with this guy.

Well I was trapped with all these feelings, seeing him on skype and imvu was so hard.