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Whether or not the man (or woman) on the street, on either side, construes "cycle of violence" in passionate terms, it is still a cycle of violence even when the decision makers are dispassionate.

It seems your own desire for this fact to not be true reduces your passion for objecting to it.You noted the near lack of coverage of Nick’s beheading; certainly as compared to Abu.But where’s the reference to Daniel Pearl’s videoed execution, which surely fits in your thesis?Israel supplies a convenient pretext for propaganda about external enemies, and distracts their subjects from the depredations of the regime itself (many of which are then easily justified in terms of controlling disruptive elements that have supposedly played into the hands of the Zionist Entity.) Tyrannical Arab regimes don't want the Palestinians to win. Constant images of our enemy bombing, beheading, kidnapping, and so forth, is leading the American people to question and doubt our motives and intentions whereby causing us to lose our will to fight. I wonder how we would be feeling now towards the war if the media had also reported the good news that had occurred over the past year.

We will never know since the media only reported bad news.

It's a strategically important attempt -- but I'm afraid I think it's your weakest, somehow. You end with mere resistance to the idea from the famous Pogo quote: “We have met the enemy, and he is us”. Perhaps my own passion against the lousy press coverage blinds me to yours.