Internet dating does it work

What I do regret is never having one of those dates from hell, because now I’m writing about the concept of online dating, rather than a great story that emerged from it. Ultimately, I think relationships are like produce — best developed organically.No one wants to tell their kids, relatives, and friends that they met their significant other on a computer.Enter online dating sites and apps, where you can literally sit at home in your underwear and browse for The One.You don’t have to worry about who’s not single, and you can filter out the ones who smoke, or who aren’t the same religion, or whatever your preference is.

The actual date can end up being more uncomfortable than your sitting position when a flight attendant makes you return your seatback to its upright position.· And speaking of being doomed to fail from the beginning: You don’t want to commit your Friday or Saturday night to some potentially awkward stranger.

Follow me: the bachelor/ette pool is so large, and so easily accessible, that it makes it too easy to move on. You can just go home and swipe right a few times, and you’ll have another date by the end of the week. I know I certainly have, once I realized how low-stakes the whole operation is.

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