Eighth graders dating

Whether it's because we don't want to come off as crazy or because we're just masochists, we all want to save that conversation for the last possible minute. But this brave AF eighth grader has a DTR method that's far more effective than a panicked, drunken "WHAT ARE WE?!" phone call in the middle of the night, or awkwardly wondering if you should delete all your dating apps. I'd say this is a reasonable relationship contract overall.

There's nothing that gets us young people more nervous than having a conversation about "defining the relationship" with the people we've been hooking up with/dating/booty calling.The activity was a huge success, and students came away with a list of books recommended by their peers. A 6th grader is insecure, has to make new friends, and is going through puberty. This contract is so much better than whatever weak "lol so like what r we doing exactly?