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Online dating company e Harmony will pay more than $2 million to settle a consumer protection lawsuit brought by four California counties and the city of Santa Monica.In total, the company will pay up to $1 million to California customers who enrolled in e Harmony’s automatic subscription program between March 10, 2012 and December 13, 2016 and an additional $1.28 million civil penalty to the California communities that brought the lawsuit.A couple of art galleries in South Carolina display his work.I personally have a print of the Stanton Train Station in Conn.Now, C6, which began as E6, and 10 x 10 x 10, and also AWE, were only EXHIBITS or projects under the EA3 umbrella. This community art projects are failure,since no community members are involved.And the politicians have less and less to do with it, as the artists and ordinary community members who support the arts have now assumed a greater role, as it should be, and was always intended. Those who call themselves artists work toward satisfying their own vision of so-called art. Yes, "ordinary" community members; NOT as opposed to "extraordinary" (YOUR term, not MINE! Although there was nothing earth shaking about it, artists and those interested in the arts DID come to participate in and see the exhibits, eat at local eateries, and get familiar with the area. Do you pull up a carrot while it's growing to check its progress? How did YOU contribute ideas and express your concerns in a meaningful way, other than NOW bitchin' and moaning?You can call whatever you want art, but that doesn't mean anyone has to buy into your claim.

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Advertisers offering subscriptions that automatically renew should review their advertising and cancelation procedures.With the settlement now behind us, we look forward to continuing the important work of helping singles find enduring love.” – Ronald N. Renting a firehouse is OK for a one-shot event, but not for ongoing activities; in any case, there are several FREE venues that can also be used for some events, such as the Village Hall, or the Library's Community Room. They sound like a bunch of politicians that can't make a decesion. ("What's all this I hear about violins in the streets? It BEGAN as EA3, for Ellenville Area Arts Alliance, a name I supported because EACH WORD helped explain what it was: it encompassed not just the village but the whole Ellenville Area -- Cragsmoor, Kerhonkson, Spring Glen, Ulster Heights, Napanoch, etc.They spend more money on giving corny names to their cliques rather than getting something done. -- it was inclusive of the various arts -- painting, sculpture, media, music, etc.

-- and it was an alliance between artists, businesses, and government; one person thought this wasn't "sexy" enough, even though it clearly said exactly what the group WAS, so suggested a cryptic and idiosyncratic name (GARAGE), and, being rebuffed -- after a second vote kept it again -- campaigned to get the agreed-upon name changed to something almost as cryptic, Arts WAVE, but it's the same basic group.

It was the Norbury, home of Pioneer, NOT the Scoresby, that was a former theater. Sounds like they need to join forces and make one big art conglomerate give it a name and move on with things. This is not an audition for the "new Emily Latela" role on Saturday Night Live. ")There IS ONLY ONE arts initiative in the village!

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