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I am going to report him to the BBB as well and continue to put him on blast online after sending me an email regarding that he's going to make sure my client burns because we were smart enough to understand that his non-custom code is a scam.Also, I would like to add that I've had WP and BP coders take a look at the plugin and it doesn't even run proper inside of WP, it's custom code to make it feel like it's working with WP but it's basically running next to it and not with it.Sure it pulls a bit of data from WP but that's extremely minimal.It's hack code that runs inside of tables upon tables. Go spend a few hundred elsewhere to have something custom.Seems like some school kids have done a project for their school.I also know that you might be in dilemma to go for it due to its many good feedbacks also but let me tell you friends, "Buy this plugin and waste your money" Ok all of you who are calling this guy a fake and a scammer need to calm down.Michael has been extremely helpful to me since I purchased his plugin.

He says the company is an LLC which may leave a trace if it really does exist, which is doubtful based on his past.

We love the plugin and couldn't be happier with the support.