Dating the thera eruption

Among the most important works are Fouqu (1879), Reck (1936), Bond and Sparks (1976), Pichler and Kussmaul (1980), Pichler and Friedrich (1980), Heiken and Mc Coy (1984) and Druitt and others (1989) (Heiken and Mc Coy (1984, 1990) describe up to 4 very fine-grained yellow, orange-brown and/or light gray layers of fine ashes, lapilli-sized rounded pumice and lithic fragments that are present in southern Thera.Their thickness is in the range of 1 to 4 centimeters.They interpret them as air-fall deposits of phreatic and phreatomagmatic activity from a vent near the present-day Nea Kameni island that preceded the eruption with a short time interval in the range of some months.Thus, they possibly provided a warning to the inhabitants.Studies of ash deposits on the ocean floor have revealed, however, that when the volcano did blow, it did so with a force dwarfing anything humans had ever seen or have seen since.There are no first-person accounts of what happened that day, but scientists can compare it to the detailed records available from the famous eruption of Krakatoa, Indonesia, in 1883.The first pumice fall deposit near Athinios, here about 5 m thick.Walter Friedrich points to holes in the deposit that once were the trunk and branches of a tree.

The Minoan eruption has been studied in detail and described by many authors.The eruption has also been loosely linked with the Biblical story of Moses and the exodus from Egypt.The effects of Thera's eruption could have explained many of the plagues described in the Old Testament, including the days of darkness and polluting of the rivers, according to some theories.C-14 dating as well as attempts to use the tree for dentrochronology are underway; preliminary results of the C-14 anaylses confirm an age around 1700-1600 BC. The first phase of the eruption is a typical pumice fall-out deposit from an estimated 36 km high eruption column.

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