Dating dames for the ladies

The book serves as her formal response to Jean de Meun's popular Roman de la Rose.

Christine de Pizan also finished by 1405 The Treasure of the City of Ladies (Le tresor de la cité des dames de degré en degré, also known The Book of the Three Virtues), a manual of education, dedicated to Princess Margaret of Burgundy.She defends women by collecting a wide array of famous women throughout history.These women are "housed" in the City of Ladies, which is actually the book.[Therefore she] had to accept [these authors] unfavourable opinion[s] of women since it was unlikely that so many learned men, who seemed to be endowed with such great intelligence and insight into all things, could possibly have lied on so many different occasions." Christine is not using reason to discover the merits of women.

She believes all that she reads instead of putting her mind to listing all the great deeds women have accomplished.

As Pizan builds her city, she uses each famous woman as a building block for not only the walls and houses of the city, but also as building blocks for her thesis.