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I have made numerous verbal complaints to them about the state of their garden.

My cottage is the end of a terrace of cottages built in the 1720s.Can my neighbour erect a fence blocking my enjoyment of a view that I have had for 30 years with no consultaiton with my wife and I? Hi Pete, May I start by saying you might not like my opinion.This is because, from the info you have provided, it sounds like you consider yourself hard done by because your neighbour will not comply with your demands about what he does on his own land.If you do not have an account, Join a Rocket Theme Club or purchase a product for access.

" sounds more informal to me, but otherwise I'd say the meanings are exactly the same. • be and feel • place adverbial • by tradition and according to tradition • departure vs departures • What's the pluaral form of 'CD'?

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