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Constantine’s family is his life and they make him whole.I think more than any other hometown visit, being around Constantine’s family let me know that they would be a constant and welcome presence if we chose to spend our lives together.I was hoping to see it all come to fruition on this date, and while I did see and feel more, it wasn’t enough to let one of the other guys go. I had never been to Northern California so I was excited to see what it was all about.Sonoma is such a quaint little town, it made me feel like I was really home.But you have something else to look forward to, starting the night before Valentine's Day. Once upon a time, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray looked set to become the latest power couple in Bachelor Nation.Somewhere along the way, their relationship hit a snag, and it allowed Murray to appear on Bachelor in Paradise in 2016, and that's where he started a relationship with Amanda Stanton.

It really touched my heart; I knew he was a good man who puts family first, and I was right.That’s when you’ll really see the real me.” I knew that if it didn’t go well, this would probably be the end of the road for the two of us.I’m so attracted to both Constantine’s looks and honesty that I really wanted it to go well.I also learned on this date that being Greek Orthodox was a huge part of his life.

I had never known religion to be that important to him, and it really took me by surprise that he never mentioned it to me. Overall, my relationship with Constantine reached an incredible place on this hometown date.

I really like Ames, but I have always waited for the romance to really happen.

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    It's difficult because I thought I might have found it but in fact, I guess now." Ben F. J. and Constantine will appear on next week's episode…